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K&R Intercom & Gate Automation CC

With 25 industry professionals, 4 accomplished teams, and 5 vehicles K&R has the capacity to take on any job and guarantee the results you expect. The company was founded in January 2000 and is BEE verified with the aim of providing cost-effective electronic-security solutions to assist in combating the ever-increasing levels of crime that the country is currently facing.

Our ambition has grown into a fully functioning enterprise that is able to supply, install and maintain a range of gate and garage motors, CCTV cameras, alarms, electronic security, access control, electric fencing with C.O.C certificates, or any other security requirements needed to any client, whether residential, commercial or industrial. We, as an organisation, are committed to providing a service that gives our client’s the reassurance that their families, employees and customers are operating in a safe and secure environment; that their property, possessions and assets are protected from theft, vandalism or unnecessary damage. And that this peace of mind can be achieved professionally, swiftly and cost effectively.

We are a well experienced automation company with numerous talented technicians in all automation fields, from gates to garages to intercoms. All of our installation teams are well trained in the installation techniques and on the products they install.