Repairs and Installations

At K&R we take the time to thoroughly understand the individual needs of the client, providing the most efficient, cost effective solutions to meet those needs. Working with reputable suppliers, installing only SABS approved hardware, and ensuring that each project is worthy of the K&R Intercom & Gate Automation stamp of approval. Remembering that our organisation grows through our reputation, and our reputation is built on the successful completion of EVERY project! We pride ourselves on punctual service to resolve our customer’s needs expeditiously.

We have a 24 hour response time on every one of our calls. Our team is available 24 hours a day for those unexpected situations that may arise, assuring you of our best service all the time, every time.

Benefits Of Automation With Us

A well designed and properly installed automated gate system can provide years of beauty, security and convenience. While no gate system is completely immune from breakdowns, K & R Intercom & Gate Automation specialises in the design, production and installation of electronic access control gate systems. We believe anyone can sell or repair a gate or gate track, but each component must be properly specified, designed and installed or the system will not work to our standards, and more importantly yours. Regardless of how simple or complex, we pride ourselves in the implementation of gate systems that work.

While the number of years in the business is not the only measure of a good company, we think it gives a pretty good indication of how well a company performs with its customers. We have fully qualified Technicians who have studied through Omnitech, and are highly committed to their jobs.

One of K&R Intercom & Gate Automation’s most prized assets is our large base of previous customers. We take pride in knowing that a large percentage of our new customers come from prior customer referrals. K&R Intercom & Gate Automation customers know that we are here for them, not just until the job is completed and paid for, but for the long run. Through our guarantee you can be assured we will always take care of your needs.

Our references are impeccable and we are aware that price is important, that is why we strive to be competitive price wise on every job we consider. How do we accomplish this? We simply offer the finest material, the best methods and unsurpassed service before, during and after sale. We like to see you become a part of this ongoing legacy of quality. We provide an excellent backup service and ensure that any complaints are dealt with to the satisfaction of our clients.

The company is managed and controlled by a team of dedicated people who look forward to addressing your special concerns and would consider it an opportunity to earn your trust. We think we are worth your business and are eager to prove ourselves through our fantastic services, after sales care and products.

We Only Install The Best